In order to keep our vulnerable patients, independent doctors, nurses and staff safe, we kindly ask you to make a telehealth appointment online rather than coming directly into the medical centre if you are:

• Feeling unwell with a fever, cough, runny nose or other symptoms which could be due to COVID-19.

• within 7 days of testing positive to COVID-19 or continue to have symptoms after a positive test

•  Self-isolating.

• A close contact of someone with COVID-19.

• In quarantine.

• Experiencing a severe medical emergency.

If you’re experiencing a severe medical emergency or severe COVID-19 symptoms, please call  000  immediately and advise the operator if you’re in self-isolation because of COVID-19.

Please be aware that you will be required to wear a mask when attending our centre to protect those at particular risk of COVID-19.

Doctors with specialist interest in Women’s Health

Dr Beverly Brookes now offers a Women’s Clinic Tuesdays and Fridays at Charlestown Medical Centre where she can help women at every stage of life. Providing personal advice, support, and a wide range of Women’s health services.
Consultation for the Women’s Clinic are Private Billed, and appointment can be made via this website /Forhealth HaloGp

  • Antenatal Care

  • Breast Checks

  • Check ups

  • Contraception

  • Cervical Screening

  • Implanon Insertion & Removal

  • IUD insertion

  • Mammograms

  • Menopause

  • Menstrual/Period Problems

  • Pap Smears

  • Postnatal Care

  • Pregnancy

  • Sexual Health/STIs/STDs

Dr Beverly Anne Brookes

Dr Beverly Anne Brookes


General Practitioner